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20 December 2009 @ 06:41 pm
[Extra] Non-no January2010  
Long time no translating and posting! >_________> I kinda missed doing this, hahaha. And yes, I'm still the king and queen of mistakes. Merry Christmas (whut!?)!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

Oh, and I missed Ohmiya so, so, SO very much. I've been fangirling over Super Junior's HanChul all this time so.......meep! *______*


2嵐 2 Arashi
Ohno Satoshi x Ninomiya Kazunari
"Arashi's Presents"

The two of them set out in a district where business thrives during winter. They pick out presents that they wish to give to the members, and a Christmas talk unfolds!

Santa Leader and Reindeer Nino's Christmas Shopping

Due to their acceptance of Aiba-kun's instructions of, "Exchange gifts since it's just before Christmas!", Ohno-kun x Ninomiya-kun go to a general store. They said, "This is the chance for us to look for presents for the members," and though all was fine until the point that they were choosing goods for Matsumoto-kun and Sakurai-kun...... (laughs)!? Their mischievous spirits go on full throttle, roars of high-spirited laughter explode, and they enjoy themselves running wildly in the playhouse!

What do we want for ourselves? Naturally, it's each other's existence (laughs)!

大野 今日は、お互いだけじゃなく全員へのプレゼントも選べてよかったよね。
Today, we went out and chose presents not just for each other but for all the members as well.
二宮 前に(「ショッピングノアラシ」で)相葉ちゃんと翔ちゃんに服を選んでもらったから、そのお返しも兼ねて、ね。リーダー、あの服、ちゃんと着てます?
Before (in Shopping Arashi), we got clothes that Aiba-chan and Sho-chan chose, so these are already return gifts, right? Leader, have you properly worn those clothes?
大野 あ、まだ。そろそろ出番かな。
Ah, not yet. They'll have their turn in being worn soon.
二宮 早く着なさいよ~。オレはかなり活躍させてるよ!今回は、まず潤くんにゴルフグッズをセレクト。最近、ゴルフを始めたらしいからピッタリだなって。
Ninomiya: Wear them soon~. I'm going to make sure that you do! This time, first is our selection of a golf good for Jun-kun. It seems that he's really begun to play golf so it will fit him.
大野 翔くんには地球儀のオブジェ。なんとなく似合いそうってピンときた。
Ohno: We have a globe for Sho-kun. We've struck home since for one reason or another, it seems to suit him.
二宮 そして相葉ちゃんには......鍵!
And then for Aiba-chan......a key!
大野 (まじめな顔で)やっぱり相葉ちゃんには、いろんな扉を開けてほしいから。
(with a serious face) As we thought, it's because we want Aiba-chan to open all kinds of doors.
二宮 (話を合わせて)心の扉とかね!
Ninomiya: (going along with the argument) Like hearts' doors!
大野 ニノには、お店で目立ってたアレ(ベビーキャリア!)ね(笑)。「初心を忘れるなよ」という思いを込めて(?)。
For Nino, this (baby carrier) will stand out in his rental house (laughs). I've included the sentiment of, "Don't forget your innocence," (?).
二宮 (大まじめに)調子に乗りがちだった心を悔い改めるよ!大切なことに気づかせてくれたリーダーには、(なんとお店の備品の!)セロハンテープを。物を作っては壊し、壊しては作りーーそんな生活に役立てていただきたくて(?)。
(very seriously speaks) Repent for your mind that tends to be carried away! For Leader who has made me realize what's important, I have Scotch tape (which is a home equipment!). When he destroys something that he made, when he makes something that he destroyed--I will give it to him to serve him such purposes in his daily life (?).
大野 で、自分たちの欲しいものは......。
Ohno: Then, something that we ourselves want.......
二宮 (アツく肩を組んで)もちろん"お互いの存在"でしょう <3 プレゼントといえば、普段からタイミングが合えばメンバー同士でも贈り合ってるよね。
Ninomiya: (warmly puts their arms around each other's shoulders) Naturally, it's "each other's existence," don't you agree? <3 Speaking of presents, it happens everyday so when we meet, we will gather and give the presents to our fellow members.
大野 衣装として着て気に入ってたものを買ってあげたりね。そういえば、ほら、ニノはいいものもらってたじゃない!?
We will present them the stuff we bought which are like clothes that are perfect for them to wear. Which reminds me, didn't Nino receive something nice!?
二宮 なんだっけ~?(しばしとぼけて)あ、金色のトランプもらったね、智に。もったいなくて使えないでいるけど。
What was it again~? (plays dumb for a while) Ah, I got gold-colored playing cards, from Satoshi. But they're so wonderful that I can't use them.
大野 オレの心に残ってるクリスマスプレゼントは、サンタさんからの靴下かな。でも中に何が入ってたかは覚えてないや。
Ohno: A Christmas present that has remained in my mind are probably the stockings that I got from Santa-san. But I don't remember what was inside them.
二宮 えぇ~、そこ重要だよ(笑)!
Ninomiya: Eeh~, that's important (laughs)!
大野 夜中にミシンの音がして、のぞいて見たら母ちゃんが靴下を縫ってたの。「あれ、サンタさんって!?」って......。
Ohno: The sound of the sewing machine was going on all night, and when I looked, Mom was sewing socks. I went, "Hey, she's Santa!?"
二宮 お母さん、サンタさんと友達で、手伝ってあげてたんだって(爆笑)!
Your mother is friends with Santa so she helps him with the giving (roars in laughter)! 大野 あと、中学の頃のクリスマス会でプレゼント交換したのもいい思い出。こたつの中でシャッフルして一斉に取って。初恋の子も来てたからドキドキしたなぁ。
Afterwards, I also have pleasant memories of exchanging gifts at a Christmas party when I was in middle school. We shuffled names inside a Kotatsu and we simultaneously picked one. My first love also came so my heart was beating like crazy.
二宮 うわ~甘酸っぽい!オレはその頃、おばあちゃん家でまったりしてたよ(笑)。大人になった今の、理想のクリスマスの過ごし方は......やっぱり"ゲーム三昧"でしょうな。リーダーは?
Ninomiya: Uwa~, how bittersweet! At that time, I was having a relaxed time at grandma's house (laughs). Now that I've become an adult, my ideal way of spending Christmas is...... of course, it's "indulgence in games." What about you, Leader?
大野 特別感を味わいたいから、ホテルの高層階でシャンパン飲んで。チキンとケーキも食べて。夜景も眺めちゃおう!
Ohno: I want it to have a taste of a special feeling, so there's drinking champagne on the upper floors of a hotel. Eating chicken and cake. We will gaze at the night view!
二宮 いや~、すごい!そんなプランを一人で満喫しちゃうとはね(ニヤリ)!
Ninomiya: Iya~, that's amazing! You'll totally enjoy that sort of plan on your own (grins widely)!
大野 えっ、一人!?ニノは来ないの!?......ま、それもアリかもね(ニッコリ)。
Ohno: Eh, on my own!? Nino won't come!? ......Well then, in addition, you will be there (smiles sweetly).

Photo Captions (right to left)

For 翔くん For Sho-kun
翔くんには、知的な雰囲気の地球儀のオブジェを。 For Sho-kun, it's a globe which gives off an intellectual vibe.
"It seems very well-matched." (Oh)
"It's an excellent choice!" (Ni)

It's the early arrival of the commencement of choosing presents!
"What would be good for Matsujun~?" (Oh)

While gazing at the display and worrying.
"I wonder which resembles Sho-chan?" (Ni)

For マツジュン
For Matsujun
The thing that they got for Matsumoto-kun is a golf good called a green fork.

"For when he's participating in rounds!" (Oh & Ni)

The couple are glued to the showcase.

"Oh, there seems to be something that suits Aiba-chan!" (Ni)
"Which one, which one?" (Oh)

For ニノ
For Nino
A sudden decision to pick up a baby carrier that suits to be in the middle of the home!

"This is for Nino!" (Oh)
"Iya~, I'm so happy~ (laughs)." (Ni) お返しに然える二宮くん。

Thus, Ninomiya-kun's return gift.

"It's because it's something amazing that I came across!" (Ni)

Being in very high spirits at the objects at hand.
"I'm riding a reindeer~!" (Oh)
"Oh, you're heavy......" (Ni)

For 相葉ちゃん
For Aiba-chan
Scrutinizing the accessories, the thing that they decide to give to Aiba is a key.

"With this, he will open hearts' doors (laughs)!" (Oh & Ni)

Ohno-kun in seriously-looking-for-something mode.
"Did you have something good in mind~?" (Ni)

What do they want for themselves?
"(points to each other) Naturally, it's this guy!" (Oh & Ni)

For リーダー
For Leader
Presents the tape across the cash register!?
"This has got to be the best choice!" (Ni)
"I'll treat it as though it's something valuable (laughs)!" (Oh)

Thanks to jesychan for the scans! <3 <3 <3
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Ninomiya: Iya~, that's amazing! You'll totally enjoy that sort of plan on your own (grins widely)!
Ohno: Eh, on my own!? Nino won't come!? ......Well then, in addition, you will be there (smiles sweetly).

"I'm riding a reindeer~!" (Oh)
"Oh, you're heavy......" (Ni)

What do they want for themselves?
"(points to each other) Naturally, it's this guy!" (Oh & Ni)


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