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[Extra] TV Navi November2009

Complete version. :) Well, sort of, because I wasn't able to add the introductory part because, well, I couldn't read some parts of it. :)))))))))) I know I should look for another version but whatever. I'll just update this someday. And there's this small-ish part in the end with questions in it. I think I'll add that, too, so just stay tuned. :)))))))))

You know, this article killed me. I really wish the Japanese written language would use effing SPACES between words. I mean, guuuuuuhhhhhhh. The horror of it all.

Corrections are needed and expected HAHAHA I'm serious will be welcomed and loved~~ :3

ARASHI 10th Anniversary
Miracle x Wagon Tracks
Our Endless Journey.

Sakurai Sho

Sakurai Sho who approaches the 10th anniversary as Arashi, who has a solo activity as a newscaster, and even still, who is gaining attention for movies, dramas, and plays. Despite his intellectual status he is interesting...He sincerely talks about the Sakurai who keeps on transforming while letting his various colors loose.

I want the group to be eternally loved

The live performance this time around will be absolutely special because of the compilation of 10 years! That's why when we were compressing 10 years' worth of gratitude before, the problems were once again immensely talked about in a discussion. This is not the end, in order to go towards the next step, from this year we're thinking of wanting to store power for the approaching 11th year which is next year. We think that having approached this 10th anniversary in very good shape is owing to all the fans, so of course our feelings of gratitude will be most unique. It's gonna be unbeatable~ (laughs). Our songs have become the source of the fans' energy, and of course we do our very best since we exist because of the fans, or rather we want to have a connection by supporting each other with mutual encouragement. And now, I want the group to be eternally loved by the people who have been supporting it. For that reason just as always, instead of getting upset, instead of changing, I think that it's steadily come to be important for us not to forget what the essence of Arashi is. I want to enjoyably live on with the 5 of us together.

I was happy to witness the turning point of the era

「NEWS ZERO」キャスターをやって3年。週1回だし、日々勉強しながらって感じだから、今も全然慣れない(笑)。少しでも若い人がニュースに興味を持ってくれたらって思います。この番組では普段会えない方に会わせてもらったりしているから、得るものは大きいですね。普段からアンテナを張って生活することが、もはや生活のサイクルになっちゃいました。2年前の参院選から2回目の選挙特番では、選挙というよりも、むしろ時代の節目に立ち会えたことがうれしかったです。10月からゴールデンで放送になる「VS嵐」では、とにかく全国放送になるのが嬉しい。俺らが本当に楽しそうに遊んでるなって思ってもらえたらいいなって思う。大曜日「ひみつの嵐ちゃん!」もあるから、この日は忙しいよね(笑)。8時から10時の間までにご飯、宿題、お風呂とかスケジュールを考えてもらわないとね(笑)。木曜日はみんなにとって忙しい日になちゃういいね!
I've been a newscaster in "News Zero" for 3 years. It's once a week, so I feel that in spite of my daily studying, I'm not used to it at all even at the present time (laughs). I believe that even if it's just for a while, when I bring it to them young people take interest in the news. You don't usually encounter the way we expose the news in this show, so we've acquired something great. Out of habit I stick to the life of an information collector, and it's now become a part of my daily life cycle. Because of the House of Councillors election 2 years ago there was a special TV program for the second-time-around election, and rather than the election, I was instead happy to have witnessed the turning point of the era. "VS Arashi" will be shown during golden time starting October, but in any case I'm glad that it's being broadcasted nationally. It's really fun for us to appear and play around so we consider that opportunity excellent. We also have "Himitsu no Arashi-chan!" on Thursdays, so we're very busy these days (laughs). In the period of from 8 o' clock to 10 o' clock, I don't have to think about schedules so I do things such as eat, do homework, and take a bath (laughs). Thursday having become a busy day is good for everyone!

Ninomiya Kazunari

Ninomiya Kazunari who supposedly does not look back after having finished work. Despite coming and going to a world with scripts and to a world with no scripts, that gaze is able to concentrate from one thing to the next.

We will continue the greatness of the 10 years

10周年だから特別にってわけではないけれど、応援してくれてる人たちへ伝えたい思いってのはやっぱりあります。だからこそベストアルバムに「5×10」をのせてもらったし、聞いてくれた人は何か思ったり感じてくれればありがたいなと思う。ベストアルバムの中で僕が想い出に残るシングルベスト3をあえて選ぶなら、やっぱり「A.RA.SHI.」。すべてはここから始まってるから。あとは「言葉より大切なもの」と、「Beautuful Days」かな。「言葉より大切なもの」は夏のイメージで、「Beautiful Days」は冬のイメージ。どっちも主題歌だったドラマのことを思い出しますね。
It's because it's the 10th anniversary, though it's specially not the reason, that we are in the state of wanting to convey our feelings towards the people who have cheered us on. It's for this reason that we placed "5x10" in the best hits album, and we think that if we share our feelings they will be appreciated by the people listening. In the best hits album, if I have to choose the 3 best singles that have remained in my mind, of course it's "A.RA.SHI." It's because it all began from there. And then I guess it's "Kotoba Yori Taisetsu na Mono" and "Beautiful Days." "Kotoba Yori Taisetsu na Mono" has the image of summer, while "Beautiful Days" has the image of winter. I remember that the both of them were theme songs for dramas.
We've merely been doing these activities alone the whole time, and we think that we have no choice even with the 10th year checkpoint. But by telling everyone that it's the 10th anniversary, even in a way like, "Aah, they'll continue the 10 years," we've considered the various ways that people take interest in us as something that we've come to embrace. That's pleasant, after all, and we feel the greatness of the 10 years all over again.

Arashi debuted for the sake of singing and performing live

Given that starting this fall "VS Arashi" will be designated to golden time, we are truly thankful and are looking forward it. We haven't really seen the kinds of rules, how the program's gonna be, and the script (laughs). No walkthroughs of the games and stuff. We strongly said, "It's still amaazing~," though it will probably be boring for the individuals who'll be made to come as guests (laughs). I like variety shows the most. It's because you have no choice in that world with no scripts. It's necessary for you to be dramatic in a world with scripts such as dramas, though apart from that, by not having a script we cause the drama in our own way, which I've found a bit pleasant to do, and it's nice to think of it somehow.
Of course, songs and live performances are also special. Though it's strange to have it for a profession, it's because it's our main thing. I think it's why Arashi had its debut, to do something as such. That's the reason why we're concentrating on concerts now. With live performances, everyone is generally given a great time at the concert, but we're the ones who are happiest. It's fine even if you sit and listen, even if you make noise, and it's good to have fun whether or not you're on your own. Really, we are so grateful for your attendance alone.

Aiba Masaki

Aiba Masaki who says, "Variety shows are fun at heart." He brings life to programs with his true nature of having a cheerful character, and his challenge this fall is the drama, "My Girl." It is said that he will display a new aspect of him that he has never shown before.

Our feelings of gratitude are packed in "5x10"

When I look back at these 10 years, they're not fast nor are they slow. I think the 10 years were as they are. When you listen to the best hits album in order, memories of one song after another will float across your mind. Things like "A.RA.SHI." which we were made to sing before at a volleyball event in Yoyogi. We sang this song the longest, and above all every time we sing it I come to think of how valuable it is and its charm appears within me. I think that they're that sort of thing, debut songs.
「Step and Go」も好きなんですよね。振り付けで円陣を組んでから始まるんだけど、コンサートが始まる前に裏で円陣組むような「よし、いこう!」ってきもちが入る。「5×10」は、10周年の感謝のきもちや、いま思っていることをまとめてもらった歌詞なので、思いが乗りやすい。どんなにいいものを作って優秀なスタッフがいても、観に来てくれる人がいないと何も始まらないし、何もできないと思う。だから、この曲には、応援してくれている人たちへの感謝のきもちが詰まっています。
"Step and Go" is also something I like. The choreography begins with us forming a circle, but before the start of a concert we form a circle just like that at the back and put our feelings into saying something like, "All right, let's go!" As for "5x10," it's 10 years' worth of gratuitous feelings, and because the song lyrics are a collection of our thoughts now, it's an easy ride of emotions. Even if the excellent staff that produces how many good things is there, if there are no people who'll come into view then nothing will begin, I think that we won't be able to do anything. That's why, in this song, we've packed our feelings of gratitude towards the people who have been giving us their support.

The face that hasn't been shown in variety shows!?

Arashi's glamour, I don't know if there's anything as such in us. Since we do things naturally, it's not something we aim for. My position in Arashi? I'm freedom. Say in classes at school, you're in charge of broadcasting once, you're in charge of school lunches once. I would leave behind the idea of whether or not I can do it, and I like going through self-challenges of all sorts. But, I think that it's how everyone in Arashi is. These people don't settle in such roles. When someone does something, everyone naturally supports him. I think it's that sort of feeling with Arashi.
As an individual, from October the drama "My Girl" will begin. Although I take the role of a papa, an ultimate love story is there as well. I'm always dwelling on the unexpected death of my partner. My beloved person had left behind a child so the love comes in. I can comfortably connect with someone else's child, and yet the moment I'm told that a child is mine, I have no idea how it would be to face each other. [The drama] depicts that sort point which is quite human. It may be the appearance of the face I haven't shown in variety shows.

Ohno Satoshi

He stands out above the rest in singing and dancing. He gathers attention even in the realm of painting and sculpting (a mass of talents). Nonetheless, Ohno Satoshi happens to have in store a hobby for life, fishing which he enjoys on his own pace. As for his true colors? Through thick and thin he will come to be followed as Leader!!

It's been 10 years when I noticed! That's the impression

It's been 10 years when I noticed! That's the impression. But if I look back we've been made to do all kinds of things. The 10 years were valuable. As for memories of the debut days, generally speaking I was surprised and said, "Hey, why do I have to debut?" (laughs). I don't remember the press conference in Hawaii, but from there I've certainly been looking forward to every day that's Arashi-like (laughs). From the debut, for months and months, I didn't have time to sleep. In one day I'll sleep for something like 30 minutes or an hour. I kept thinking if it would go on my whole life, and I even considered saying, "I'll escape," (laughs). With the lapsing of 10 years, we're expecially grateful for the support we receive from a wide generation. It's a mystery, isn't it... Grade school students see the age 28 as old man age (laughs). In the time of the drama "Uta no Oniisan", when the child actors talk about Arashi it's so accurate (laughs). Things like, "It said in the newspaper~." When they ask, "You're an ojisan, right?" I say, "No, I'm an oniisan," and stuff (laughs). As for what this "Arashi" is to me..., I haven't grasped the true feelings in this strange thing.
The tour began August 28, and until now I'm enjoying the lack of room to savor things. My solo, "Kumori Nochi Kaisei," (theme song of "Uta no Oniisan") will be in the live performances for the first time. That's cool, right! There also seems to be a lot of people listening to the best hits album so I'm very happy.

Arashi from now on? I want to go as we were when we came along
Speaking of the three songs that are left in my memories, first of all it's "A.RA.SHI." It's because I was surprised about the debut being settled. And then I guess it's "Fight Song" (not compiled in the best hits album). The 5 of us thought about this song. Though it's alright to say it, in live performances we're supposed to sing it while doing the bungee but we mostly don't sing (laughs). The 3rd musical selection is "Truth" (theme song of "Maou," the first serial drama he took the lead role in). When I listen to this song I think, "It was hectic~" (laughs).
I like our latest song "5x10" as well. The 5 of us thought of our feelings of gratitude for the 10-year period, Sho-kun and Nino put our thoughts together, and the song was made. I also like painting so from now on I will go paint at my own pace. I'll collect my works, then I want to have a solo exhibit again if circumstances will allow it. It will serve as a reply to a lot of those saying that they want to see it. What do I think will Arashi be from now on? Nothing. It will be as it is. I want to go as we were when we came!!

Matsumoto Jun

Matsumoto Jun turned 26 with Arashi fans on August 30 at the Kokuritsu Kyougijou. Because of his eloquence in talking about the tour and the 10th anniversary when he said,"Rather than my birthday, the impression of the live performance is strong," his sentiments towards Arashi's 10th anniversary are especially perceived.

Thinking about various things and was able to mature in 10 years

The 10 years so far were dense, no doubt! We were given the opportunity to experience all kinds of things, and we encountered different kinds of people. Since in the period of 10 years those who were in their teens and in their twenties particularly, I believe they think of different matters and that they've been able to mature haven't they. From the time of Arashi's formation, in saying that the objectives were "to create a storm throughout the world" and "to rise to the top," I think there's no measurement for that. I see it as a case of how many people are given the chance to have fun, how many people can go and be dispatched to something. Or rather it's not just the figures but the quality when it comes to how far you're going to reach. It's because keeping it up as much as possible is all about continuous persistence. 10 years have come along, we tell people who are there to please support us, and since it's the first time that we were able to do it, we are really thankful. We've been given the opportunity to tour this time in order to convey these feelings, so we want to do our best! After this in order for everyone to be pleased, I think it will be good to live firmly and enjoy things one-by-one. Nowadays, since we can go not just in the Japan area, we want to go and properly have tours in various places, then in private, I want to see as many different things as possible, I want to meet different people, and I want to have great experiences.

Albums themselves are the best!!

This timing isn't what's called the "10th anniversary" because we're by no means putting out a complete album. Furthermore, though we've already put out 3 singles this year, with everyone saying that it's not very good to overdo various things, the publication of the best hits album in its simple form was the result. If what's called a "best" complete album will be made, of course parts of the 10-year period from the debut song should be included. I think there are a lot of fans who own CDs we've done so far, but when I hear that they're going to replace them again [with new ones], it's something of an experience isn't it. I've also heard that it turns out it's easy even for people who haven't had them to pick one up, and I think that's the best thing about the albums!


A speech collection of Arashi members' love and laughs

From Sho-kun

Memories of the members

Around Arashi's early days, it so happens that during a quick change at a concert Satoshi-kun did not have anything extra on, and he ended up taking his underwear off. It rea~lly drew attention from the guests. Furthermore since it was only the two of us in that corner, I didn't know how to explain it in a good way either, and it's the memory that I've somehow held on my own. It was such a shock~(laughs).

In a concert we performed at Tomakomai in Hokkaido, he was flustered about his turn to go on and was late in appearing, and despite having decided that he would take a turn he fell the moment he appeared on stage (laughs). We were so surprised.

When we were juniors, I went to see the movie "Deep Impact" together with Nino and other juniors. For some reason, at that time Nino kept going to the toilet 3 times and then 4 times, and I couldn't understand what the movie was about because I couldn't see anything. Eventually I was able to watch to the end, but I strongly remember the impression of that time.

Around the time of debut, we were flying when we sang "A.RA.SHI." in the opening ceremony at Yoyogi stadium. Matsujun and I were both at the sides and were going to cross, we were going to collide in the air, Matsujun was coming near, and when he rapidly approached it was severe (laughs). We had the same transparent outfits on and stuff, I can recall it so well~.

From Leader

Sho-kun the newscaster. I consider him quite amazing. He gives off the impression of a whole other person when he's working as a newscaster.
Nino doesn't change. He hasn't changed since junior days. And the amount of skinship hasn't changed, either (laughs).
Even Aiba-kun doesn't change~. Since he handles animals (he regularly appears in "Tensai! Shimura Doubutsuen"), he does things like touch lions. It's because he's doing that kind of job that I think he's great. If it were me I'd run away. It's because feeding a lion can get you killed, right? He's great because of being able to do that.
Matsujun is in true character. "As someone with A bloodtype."
To the members

Take care of yourselves, everyone, that's the only thing. I'm excellent. It's because I'm separately alright.

From Aiba-chan

We're always together so there's nothing that has dramatically changed, but it's just that Leader has darkened. Nothing really beats the enjoyment of performing a concert with the 5 of us. I love it. As for something that I will take upon myself after concerts, it's enjoying food [that's been freshly picked] from the soil. In tours whenever we wander around the area we end up eating with everyone a lot, so it's simply fun every time. When we eat and the live concert is on the next day, I sleep immediately. Everyone, I'm sorry.
To the members

Thank you for these 10 years, treat me favorably even after this!

From Matsujun

I can fairly recall episodes from the 10-year period. Nowadays, naturally it's the time when we just debuted which is impressive. Everyone got in one vehicle, and we were arranged to meet at an assembly in a station somewhere. The thing I remember really well, at the concert Aiba-chan did not come out in time so when he hurried he fell over and all, he suddenly fell down from the stage of all things. Although it caused a lot of laughter it's extremely amusing, isn't it (laughs)? It's different when you compare the us together in the junior days and at the present time, like since I had nothing to do with Leader I didn't know him at all. Nino and Aiba-kun stayed together. Sho-kun's way home was the same so we'd eat together and stuff. From that time not less than 10 years have passed, so everyone's changed.
To the members

Leader, your hairstyle suits you.
Nino, please wait for the puzzle a bit longer.
Aiba-kun, good luck with your drama!
Sho-kun, your sideburns look good.

From Nino

Your first impressions of the members 10 years ago...
Jun-kun was short and cute.
My impression of Sho-kun was that he would always go to school and take part in activities.
I can't remember Aiba-kun a bit. We've always been together so I don't know of our first meeting.
Leader, he was as he is.
To the members

Having approached 10 years the thing I would like to say all over again is, "Please treat me favorably even after this." It's sooo difficult to be one person alone. It wouldn't make a difference if it's not this combination, I don't like saying that sort of thing very much, and I don't want to say it. Completely putting an end to this would be terrible, right? But, it seems that the timing of saying that sort of thing should be planned, right~? Though it would probably be alright to say such a thing before I die(laughs).

Thanks to jesychan for posting the scans! Credits to oomontyoo! <3 <3
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